Atman Goyo Montero Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Anna Blackwell ©AB
Atman Goyo Montero Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
©Alice Blangero
Anna Blackwell ©AB
©Alice Blangero


"Atman is a Sanskrit word that means 'inner self' or 'soul', and is the first principle of Hindu philosophy, used to refer to the true essence of a person. It also refers to what unites all living beings: each individual's inner essence as a living being connected with all other living beings, an integral part of the universe.

This word and concept led me to reflect on how the individual is seen in a group context, human beings in relation to society. Do we exist as self-contained entities, or do individuals come into existence through their interaction and contact with others?

This philosophy can be applied to dance companies, and in particular the Ballets de Monte-Carlo as a collection of incredibly talented soloists who work together to form a fluid whole. My work aims to inspire audiences to reflect on the unique nature of each individual dancer, and on how the ties between the members of the company can be transcended.

The music by long-standing artistic collaborator Owen Belton also explores this idea of multi-faceted individuality, and forms a fascinating canvas that gives me space with which to expand on my ideas.

When I step into the studio, I arrive with a series of very clear intentions prepared ahead of time so that I can leave behind my preconceptions and allow myself to soak up the range of talent and different personalities that the dancers bring to the table, with the end result being to create something entirely unique for the company. I want my piece to showcase them as a close-knit group while highlighting their fascinating, individual personalities".

Goyo Montero

Choreography: Goyo Montero
Music: Owen Belton
Musique : Owen Belton, composition for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo (and PULSE, short piece created for Prix de Lausanne First choreographic Project in 2018)
Costumes: Goyo Montero in collaboration with Jean-Michel Lainé
Lighting: Goyo Montero in collaboration with Samuel Thery 
Duration: 29 min

Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Premiere held on April 25th 2019, Grimaldi Forum
As part of CORPUS programm