Daily life

Boarding school

Students occupy the lower 3 levels of the Academy in furnished rooms. Their daily life is arranged with the utmost care according to rehearsal times and academic timetables. Four boarding school supervisors ensure everything runs smoothly.

Nutritional programme

The students enjoy three meals a day developed by a nutritionist and prepared in accordance with legislative hygiene standards. At the same time, the Academy provides its students with information about food and raises awareness about the importance of eating properly in order to avoid any nutritional issues which could harm their future career.

Physical fitness

The students are monitored by a team of kinesiologists, physiotherapists and masseurs who look after their recovery after the physical effort.

Link with families

The Academy has almost 10 different nationalities among its students and ensures that each student feels at home despite the distance that separates them from
their home. The building is fully Wi-Fi enabled so that students can keep in contact with their families. Our team is always available to students to meet their requirements.