The Festival

In 1998, HSH the Princess of Hanover, Stéphane Martin and Jean-Christophe Maillot, decided to create a space dedicated to artistic expression and exchange for members of the public and dance professionals alike. Their goal was to hone the Principality's image as a centre for contemporary art open to outside influences, as well as to promote a profession, defend a calling and revitalise the dance scene.

Although dance lies at the heart of the event, a desire to shake up the traditions behind the Dance Festival has also shaped its structure. Its identity and unique character are illustrated by its very name.

A forum to be used as a platform for ever-changing art.
A forum to showcase and support the production of an incredibly wide range of performances.
A forum to bring together all stakeholders in the field of dance in Monaco.

In addition to performances created by leading choreographic talents, the Monaco Dance Forum is a platform for the initiatives that contribute to the Principality's reputation as a centre for international cultural events: Workshops and master classes led by all of the choreographers whose work features in the line-up - Exhibitions and performances to showcase the work of cutting-edge contemporary artists - Talks, conferences and series of screenings led by specialists and researchers from around the globe.

In 2011, chaired by HSH the Princess of Hanover, a new body directed by Jean-Christophe Maillot brought together these three institutions: the Ballets de Monte-Carlo is now a concentration of the excellence of an international company, the benefits of a multi-format festival and the potential of a prestigious school. Creativity, training and promotion have found their home in Monaco, serving the choreographic arts in a unique manner never before seen in the world of dance.