Getting Started | GODANI

A unique opportunity to view the entire Monegasque company of 45 dancers on the stage at once:
"Absolutely stunning and spectacular (…) a choreographic creation that not only showcases the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, but also puts the spotlight on the magnificent stage of the Grimaldi Forum, its vast dimensions being the ideal servant for dance." René Sirvin, Le Figaro, April 2002

The Italian, Jacopo Godani, principal dancer with the Ballet of Frankfurt, has been a longtime disciple of William Forsythe creations, and has established a solid international reputation as a choreographer. He explains that "working with instinct and primitive feelings opens up Pandora's box of primitive emotions." His piece Getting Started draws the 45 dancers into an energetic voyage via the abstract, loaded with movements and dance combinations. The challenge of Forsythe's confrere has as a consequence the systematic refusal of traditional expression, giving reign to an on-going choreographic work where chance, turmoil and mystery regain their rights. Like looking at life through red lenses? Quite a myriad of perceptions and feelings that captured the public who showed its appreciation with long ovations." Nice Matin, April 2002

"Getting Started" | GODANI
Choreography: Jacopo Godani
Original music: Diego Dall'Osto
Scenography, costumes, lighting: Jacopo Godani

Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Premiere held on April 24th 2002, Grimaldi Forum Monaco