Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo have a long history with dance ... And you?
 According to your level, experience the style of our guest choreographers at the Workshops organised throughout the year during performances. Or take your first steps in our World Dance Classes, train and join us for F(ê)aites de la Danse on July 4th 2020!

24, 25, 26 avril 2020 | Grimaldi Forum Monaco

By Anna Laguna


Par Roxane Butterfly

- ALL -

This workshop is an opportunity to discover the basic techniques of tap dance, which involves movement as much as musicality. No experience in dance or music is required, however, to turn your shoes into a percussion instrument!
This class offers amusing question-and-answer exercises exploring self-awareness themes… Participants will leave with short choreographies and the tools for transforming them themselves.
Practical Information: If you don’t have tap shoes, wear shoes with hard leather soles and flat heels (no tennis shoes!).

Roxane Butterfly: THE reference for tap dancing on the international scene, Roxane taught her art for 20 years in the United States, at New York University, the Broadway Dance Center, etc. She founded the Jimmy Slyde Institute and is presently on tour with her latest show, TAPmatazz.

Historical background: The art of tap dancing is an emancipation dance that arose from North American slavery, and is held to be ancestral to jazz. Official history places its emergence with the dancer William Henry Lane, known as Juba, born in Rhode Island in 1827.


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