Beyonders | GODANI

After Getting Started and Kid Dynamo , Jacopo Godani creates a new work for the Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Like an architect, the piece takes shape beginning with the framework he designs. The myriad possibilities of body movements in space, he exploits to the maximum; then comes the first variation, afterwards it becomes more complex, generating an evolutionary process in the development of the movement until it becomes the nucleus of the work. The basic variations become the foundation upon which the vocabulary is redefined, and which because of the introduction of elements such as violence, sensuality, a certain bestiality, reaches another dynamic far beyond the constraints of more conventional structures.

Added to the creative exercise is the musical interlude by Bertrand Maillot.

Simultaneously with the dancers' movements, the composer structures the music using a suite of pre-fabricated sounds on the keyboard. Following the rhythm and the powerful elements of the ballet, he captures the sequences based on the tempo and the energy of the dancers that will, later on, be elaborated in the studio by the choreographer. In this manner, the interplay between the choreographer and the composer is takes form from one rehearsal to the next.

"Beyonders" | GODANI
Choreography: Jacopo Godani
Original music: Bertrand Maillot
Scenography and lighting: Jacopo Godani
Costumes: Jacopo Godani in collaboration with Jean-Michel Lainé and Célia Bauharte
Video: Gilles Papain

Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Premiere held on December 25th 2003, Grimaldi Forum Monaco