6e sens / Dk-Bel


6eSens Compagnie and Dk-Bel deliver a sensitive reflection on disability. Projections and spectacles invite us to share their fundamental values: surpassing preconceptions and relating to Others, however different they may be. A moment of emotions rich in teaching.

« Nous » & « Traversées », courts métrages avec Dk-Bel & 6eSens Compagnie | « D-Pas »
Artistic Director: Sophie Bulbulyan
Choreographers: Sophie Bulbulyan, Raymond Siopathis,
Dancers: Raymond Siopathis, Abba Okono, Vincent Nanette

« RencontreS » :
Artistic Director: Cécile Martinez
Choreographers: Elisa Martinez, Florent Devlesaver
Dancers: Elisa Martinez, Florent Devlesaver, Morgan Rabadan, Pierre Agostini

* Reserved for schools
Information: Liliana Lambelet, tel : +33(0)4 92 41 60 35