For these second Imprevus of the season, L'Atelier des Ballets de Monte-Carlo opens its doors to the Princess Grace Academy. Its Artistic Director Luca Masala will welcome a limited audience for a time of exchange and discovery of this prestigious dance school. During the Imprevus, in the first part, the public can find out about the work of the students and their teachers as the special witnesses of a dance moment the main theme of which will be "Les Études" (Studies) and more precisely, those composed by Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt and Philip Glass. In the second part, the students will interpret some Variations from the Classical Repertoire which will be their luggage for the coming years. Contemporary dance will obviously not be left out (the aim of the Princess Grace Academy is to train its students in all styles of dance so that they can join a wide range of companies). The students will therefore be interpreting contemporary compositions which they themselves have created with their teachers.

To attend the Imprevus of the season, become Friends of the Ballets, Donor Members or Partners of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo (►MORE INFO HERE)