Oeil pour Oeil Maillot
Teaser ! // photo©MLB
Teaser ! // photo©MLB


Jean-Christophe Maillot

Known for his work around fairy tales to which he restores their depth and their original darkness, Jean-Christophe Maillot goes a step further with Œil pour œil, created in 2001. Here the narration is even darker and grating. The fairy tale rocks in the dirty alleys of the detective novel. Choreographed from a short story by Jean-Marie Laclavetine, written especially for this ballet, Œil pour Œil handles the codes of crime fiction: revenge, corruption, the underworld, sex, predation...

Once upon a time there were three inseparable friends: Iris, Adam and Loup. Saved from the slums of the city by the beautiful Iris, both boys fall in love with the same woman. But Iris chooses Adam and the trinity the young people formed is shattered. Loup withdraws and takes refuge in the arms of La Pieuvre [The Octopus], an erotomaniac gangster who reigns over a bestiary of corrupt Monsters and Police dogs. The city holds no secrets for La Pieuvre who monitors its every nook and cranny from her surveillance screens.
Time has passed but Loup is still haunted by the memory of Iris whose lovemaking with Adam he has spied on from behind a screen. Unable to stand any more of this happiness from which he is excluded, Loup sets a trap for his old rival to get rid of him. He gives him a valuable case which he stole from La Pieuvre. The hunt for the two lovers then begins until its tragic denouement.

Choreography and direction: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Libretto: Jean-Marie Laclavetine
Music: Alfred Schnittke, Arvo Part, Keith Jarrett
Scenography and costumes: Jérôme Kaplan
Lighting: Dominique Drillot
Video: Cassette Vidéo
Premiere held on April 14th 2001, Grimaldi Forum Monaco

All receipts from the Première of "Œil pour Œil" will be sent to the Red Cross for Ukraine. (►MORE INFO)

*Mask obligatory