Trailer "Tsunagu" chor.Koike // ©T.Shikama
"Le Temps du Tendre" chor.Guérin //©AB
Trailer "Tsunagu" chor.Koike // ©T.Shikama
"Le Temps du Tendre" chor.Guérin //©AB


Koike & Guérin

For the first performances of "L’Été Danse!", edition 2021, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo are offering two CREATIONS imagined by Mimoza Koike and Julien Guérin, both from Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo.

Mimoza Koike’s new creation invites us to celebrate movement through a succession of stages. Punctuated by a series of learning and living experiences, Tsunagu is a journey paying tribute to the people and places that shaped her artistic personality and the naturalism and poetry of her choreographic art.

ForJulien Guérin, among our essential reasons for living, love — true love shared — has always remained the most elusive and unintelligible of emotions: without it, life is neither possible nor worth living. It is the driving force that moves us, empowers us, embraces us and sometimes even overpowers us: an overwhelming attachment to someone else, sublimated or incarnate. Le Temps du Tendre suggests a heuristic approach to experiencing love, as mapped out in the 17th century as an ideal journey.

"TSUNAGU" (creation) - KOIKE
Choreography: Mimoza Koike
Scenography: Shizuka Hariu/Shsh
Music: ilia Osokin
Costumes: Jean-Michel Lainé and Mimoza Koike
Lighting: Samuel Thery
Dramaturgy: Agnès Roux
Choreographic assistants: Gaëtan Morlotti and Asier Edeso
Scenography assistants: Ema Pecenkovic and Diana Kucinska
Duration: 37 min

Choreography: Julien Guérin
Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Scenography and artistic advise: Dominique Drillot
Costumes: Adeline André 
Lighting: Samuel Thery and Dominique Drillot
Sets realised by: SARL Concept Evénementiel, Compagnie Planète Vapeur, Nice under the direction of Pierre Povigna
Scenography assistant-intern: Quentin Gargano-Dumas
Duration: 37 min