Maillot - Montero

Spring 2019 will be firmly under the sign of creation with two pieces offered by Jean- Christophe Maillot and Goyo Montero. Both choreographers share the idea that dance is at the crossroads of several disciplines without which it could not hit its target with such precision. In their shows, movement, music, scenography, costumes and lighting serve a choreographic vision and combine to better affect us in our most private depths.

CORE MEU chor. MAILLOT (creation) | READ MORE
Choreography: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Music: Antonio Castrignanò
Costumes: Salvador Mateu Andujar
Lighting: Samuel Thery
Duration: 35 min
With the participation of Antonio Castrignanò and his orchestra

ATMAN chor. MONTERO (creation) | READ MORE
Choreography: Goyo Montero
Music: Owen Belton
Musique : Owen Belton, composition for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo (and PULSE, short piece created for Prix de Lausanne First choreographic Project in 2018)
Costumes: Goyo Montero in collaboration with Jean-Michel Lainé
Lighting: Goyo Montero in collaboration with Samuel Thery  
Duration: 29 min