J-Ch. Maillot

"Take seven musical creations written by seven contemporary composers; these scores reflect seven worlds, seven distinctive and different universes; they were not written for ballet. Offer them, impose them on a choreographer without any other pressure except to “put them together”...
This is the rule of the gameI set for myself, following the choice of Marc Monnet, the artistic director of the “Printemps des Arts” which is behind ordering these works.
Seven musical miniatures together with seven orders from visual artists who focus on a single choreographic stake. Out of generosity and curiosity, composers and visual artists agree to play the game. They let go of their work, like so many pieces of a puzzle which they permit me to assemble into a choreographic piece; they agree for their composition to elude them, and for the choreographer that I am, it makes me free to enjoy it, and draws another life for them, another future." Jean-Christophe Maillot

Choreography: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Original musics: Andrea Cera, Ramon Lazkano, Martin Matalon, Ivan Fedele, Marc Ducret, Gérard Pesson, Bruno Mantovani
Scenographies: Dominique Drillot, Philippe Favier, Ange Leccia, Philippe Guillotel, Ernest Pignon-Ernest
Costumes: Alain Pierimarchi
Video assistant: Gilles Papain
Duration: 1h10

Premiere held on April 14th 2004, Grimaldi Forum Monaco