Home, Sweet Home

J-Ch. Maillot

« (…) it’s too small a planet. We are becoming one family. We share each other’s technology and culture and poetry and philosophy. And we have to begin to think of ourselves as a family. We have to begin to enjoy the differences in the human family. But either we learn to live together, or we die together (…) ». From a lecture given by I.F. Stone. Broadcast on National Public Radio on April 12, 1983

« This reflection of the American journalist is the keyystone of my creation, its starting point and the material itself ». Jean-Christophe Maillot

A ballet company is a microcosm. Each dancer is a soloist. The sum of all the dancers makes a company. This is quite a banal observation which, on a global scale, as regards the present, bears repeating. Each unit is essential to the whole. Everyone must think in terms of being a member of one great family. It is a question of our survival.

Choreography: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Scenography and costumes: Jérôme Kaplan
Music: John Oswald, Steven Mackey, Willie Dixon, Henryk Görecki, Scott Johnson
Lighting: Dominique Drillot
Duration: 1h15

Premiere held on July 27th 1994, Terraces of the Casino de Monte-Carlo