Bêtes Noires

J-Ch. Maillot

- Black Beasts -

The fairy tale, the dark side.

The thriller is the nocturnal version of the fairy tale. The two styles run along the same general lines – one or two people faced with an unexpected situation, usually dangerous, have to undertake some quest. Before achieving their goal, they have to undergo a series of transformations and overcome various obstacles. Between the fairy tale and the thriller, only the setting changes: the dragon becomes a cop or a villain, the dark woods become slums, the treasure to be found or guarded takes on trivial forms – and at the end of the night, at the end of the quest, the heroes usually do not find salvation, but death. What does it matter? It is a question of giving a shortened, accelerated vision of life; the trials undergone by Tom Thumb and Philip Marlowe are equally cruel.

Jean-Marie Laclavetine

Choreography: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Libretto: Jean-Marie Laclavetine
Music: Alfred Schnittke, Keith Jarret, Arvo Pärt
Duration: 45 min

Premiere held on April 10th 1993, Salle Garnier Opéra de Monte-Carlo