La Clef de Verre | MARTY

One woman, one life: her own. The course of her life is guided by the shadowy object of her desires and ambition. But does she really know what she's looking for?
Behind every door, she confusedly seems to find the 'right' answer, yet never truly has the courage to see it through.
A butterfly dazed by her own life, she continues her dizzying race, diverted by encounters and deceptive distractions, lured in by the shining beacon of hope that emanates from the very last door.
But what lies behind this door?
Both the writer and choreographer behind this piece, Alain Marty borrowed two extracts from Rachmaninov's Trio Elégiaque to explore this idea, sporadically interrupted by electronic music by Elzbieta Sikora when the protagonist moves closer to one of the doors.

"La Clef de Verre" | MARTY
Choreography: Alain Marty
Music: Serge Rachmaninov and Elzbieta Sikora
Costumes: Michelle Berthet
Scenography: Alain Batifoulier