Balistik | HOCHE

"Balistik is an energetic huis-clos dealing with the dynamics of the group, of its constructions and metamorphoses, in the essential division of time and space. It is choreographic matter used as a common language, organising and dissecting all the human attempts to make contact, to yearn to meet, passing through the glacis of a more abstract contemporaneity. A generational piece, this essay presents the choreographic spectrum of our constant attempts to connect our existence to that of others.
My desire is to draw an abstract parallel between our own behaviour and, that infinitely small of the organic, biological one. This complex organisation brings into play: aggressive elements, peaceful elements, sowers of disorder, helpers, etc... in addition to all the possible relations between each one of them.
In the same way, the universe of infinity also weaves bonds with the spiral of our existences in comparison to others. The forces of gravitational attraction, centrifuge, form an attractive unstable balance similar to our functioning of our societal systems.
The composition and the decomposition are at the heart of how we function. Balistik humanises and poetises this postulate, remaining at the edge of the abstract so that the affect in no way deteriorates the architecture and the astonishing magic of human relations". Lionel Hoche

"Balistik" | HOCHE
Choreography and scenography: Lionel Hoche
Music: LFO
Lighting: Lucy Carter
Images: Renaud Bezy
Costumes: Lazare Garcin

Premiere held on June 10th 2004, Grimaldi Forum Monaco