Quiet Bang Nicolo Fonte Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
©Marie-Laure Briane
Quiet Bang Nicolo Fonte Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
©Marie-Laure Briane
©Marie-Laure Briane
©Marie-Laure Briane

Quiet Bang | FONTE

« I have been thinking about violence and aggression, in all it’s forms and how to possibly move away from them in communicating, in expression and simply in being.
So I began this creative process wanting to explore a way to move peacefully but not dully, organically but not lacking in dynamic, caringly but not sentimental.
Quiet Bang, the result of a collaborative effort between myself and the extraordinary dancers of LBMC, ultimately is a projection, a vision of life that aspires to strip away the limitations of one’s imposed boundaries and to explore one’s potential, both physical and higher, through boundless reaches and the experience of touch.
Quiet Bang, two extremes, two potential ideas seeking cohesion but not necessarily balance; a physical manifestation of where I am today ».

Nicolo Fonte

"Quiet Bang" | NICOLO FONTE
Choreography: Nicolo Fonte
Music: Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto
Costumes: Mark Zappone
Scenography and lighting: Dominique Drillot

Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Premiere held on July 14th 2009, Terraces of the Casino de Monte-Carlo