Quartette | FORSYTHE

« No untimely bursts of sound or cunning implosions of light, but a continual flow of highly inventive movements that never ceases to surprise : QUARTETTE radiates a certain peacefulness quite rare for Forsythe. This ballet illustrates the rawness of modern dance through the slender lines of girls on point, a great fluidity of improvisation as well as a spiral of bodies linked by the elbow or by the tip of the hand – « link and unlink, wind and unwind, coil and uncoil, » in the words of the choreographer – and Forsythe’s  very personal way of exacerbating posture and balance. »

Geneviève Lièvre,  playwright at the Opéra National de Lyon,  February 2000.

"Quartette" | FORSYTHE
Choreography: William Forsythe
Re-staged by: Noah Gelber
Assisted by: Laura Graham
Music: Thom Willems
Costumes: Stephen Galloway
Scenography and lighting: William Forsythe

Premiere by La Scala Theatre Ballet, in September 1998, Milan
Premiere by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, on July 18th 2000, Monaco