The Princess Grace Academy

Training course for pianist accompanist

For more than ten years l’Académie Princesse Grace, School of Dance linked to Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, has had a course for piano accompanists. Directed by Massimiliano Greco, it offers professional musicians, or those with a solid education, a course specialising in the delicate and complex art of accompanying dance classes. Massimiliano Greco's students come from all over the world and currently play in all the best international academies and dance companies: The Zurich Ballet Academy, Le Conservatoire de Nice, The Basel Ballet Academy, The American Ballet Theatre, etc..

This year, two pianists who have had experience at La Scala in Milan and Les Grand Ballets Canadiens are taking this high-level course. Musical analysis, improvised styles, keyboard feeling techniques to interact with the dancer, this course, which is as complete as it is fascinating, adapts to individual pianists to equip them with the best tools and enable them to join the most prestigious schools or companies.