Short courses

There are a series of a week workshops supervised by Luca Masala, the teaching staff and guest teachers. These intensive workshops enable students to work on and develop the skills they have learned by following the Academy’s courses. Accessible by selection, these workshops are also the opportunity to identify the Academy’s future students.


Classical, Contemporary, Pointe, Men's class, Pilates Class. Music Class, French class for foreigners, seminar.


1 100€ / week (tuition + accommodation)
600€ / week (tuition only)


Access to course is with selection. The registration request will be filled online with all requested documentation (it won't be possible for applicants to register documentation in a second time). Document or application received by email or regular mail won't be accepted.

For students who already participate in a short course in Academy Princess Grace and for students who already registered for a short course but didn’t participate, please contact us by email to get the link to update your information

Applications with missing or non-compliant documentation will be considered after all the other applications and won't be examined if the applicant don't send the missing documentation. Use a computer rather than a mobile phone or tablet.

Documentation requested:
- CV (to fill online)
- to download 1 portrait picture and 2 photos in dance clothes, photo taken indoor (poses arabesque and développé seconde)
- a video link with classical including center plus pointe exercises and variation according to the student’s level
- a video link with contemporary extract if practiced by the student. If the student does not practice contemporary dance, please specify it in the pre-registration form, in "Additional commentary".
Videos must be at max 15 minutes, candidate are free to choose exercises and variation presented. We don’t ask for specific exercises but video needs to show the student’s level. We request direct link (like Youtube). We won't accept video if we need to download video and videos must be accessible without specific authorization

Reception of your registration request will be confirmed by email. Each complete application will receive an answer.

INFORMATION - COVID19: the organization of the short courses remains subject to the evolution of the health situation and the courses may be modified or cancelled by the Direction of the Princess Grace Academy according to the decisions and measures taken by the Monegasque government.

-> Dates of next short courses: to come


Tel.: +377 93 30 70 40