Monaco Dance Forum

(Workshop) Family Dance led by the PIEDS NUS Company

Monaco Dance Forum introduces you to various dance styles and forms thanks to its Workshops led by artists who master them to perfection. A new experience is on offer to you: FAMILY DANCE, led by the PIEDS NUS Company, choreographer: CORINNE OBERDORFF, instant music: JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOURNINE.

A special moment to create links that bodies will remember. A marvellous moment awaits you: an encounter between the child’s world and that of the adult, based on exploration, the experience of listening to music, rhythm, contact, dancing as a couple or in a group. The workshop is intended for everyone, whatever the family relationship, the level of dance or age. Children from 4 years old.

Saturday 16 December 2023 from 5.00 to 6. 30 p.m. at Grimaldi Forum (dance studio).

Price: 20 € per person, free for under-12s
Reservation required: Liliana Lambelet - Tel. 06 10 77 91 60 / Email: