The F(Ê)AITES DE LA DANSE MARATHON sets the bar very high: 12 HOURS of non-stop dancing in the sublime setting of the of the Casino de Monte-Carlo’s Salle Garnier. Various styles of music will be required of competitors. A watchful jury will crown the winning couples to the twelve strokes of midnight.




12h > from noon to midnight

Salle Garnier of the Monte-Carlo Opera

For amateur candidates of all types ! 30 couples aged 18 years minimum.
The organisers provide: bibs, towels, water.


  • 50 mins of « free dance »: HAVE FUN AND IMPROVISE IN COMPLETE FREEDOM!
    To the sound of Boy Bands, Divas, Country, House, 1960s and 1970s Pop and Rock, Big Band orchestra USA, 50s Rock & Roll, Hollywood revival, Chaud pour l’Opéra, Soft-rock classics, R & B, La French touch , Latin pop...

  • 5 mins of « dance required by the jury »: CHALLENGE YOUR COMPETITORS AND WIN THE EVENT!
    Every hour, a style: Hip-hop, Cha-cha, Waltz, Disco, Techno, Robot, Bollywood, Tango, Samba, Charleston, Rock & roll, African, Balinese, Country, Hawaiian hula, New Zealand haka, Polka…
    Each hour, the couple who win the event will be awarded. One or more couples will be eliminated.

  • 5 min of « candidates break »
    Deliberations by the Jury.

At the start of the marathon at 12:00 noon, thirty couples are on the dancefloor. Each hour, one or more couples are eliminated following the Style test. The couple who win the Style test will be rewarded.

Candidate couples will be subject to warnings in the following events:
- they stop dancing
- they drink or eat on the dancefloor
- they deliberately disturb other couples on the dancefloor

Between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight, the remaining couples will be put to the test after an hour of «special finalists» dancing, at the direction of the Members of the Jury.

The F(Ê)AITES DE LA DANSE Marathon ends just before midnight with the presentation of the winners on the Place du Casino. Announcement of the Awards and delivery to the winning couples of prizes and awards.



1. First prize: 5 000€
2. Second prize: 3 000€
3. Third prize: 2 000€
4. Two Iphones 14, 256go
5. On tour with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo : A trip for two people in Europe + 2 tickets for the performance of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
6. Week-end for two people at the Hotel Hermitage (2 nights with breakfast and meal)
7. An original lithography signed by the artists JR and Ernest Pignon-Ernest
8. Access to the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo SPA + treatment for 2 people
9. Dinner + concert for 2 people at the Monte Carlo Sporting
10. Two annual subscriptions for the performances of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo season 2023-2024
11. Diner at the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo for 2 people
12. Two tickets for one performance of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo 2023-2024 season
13. Two tickets for one concert at the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra 2023-2024 season
14. Two tickets for one performance at the Grimaldi Forum 2023-2024 season
15. Two tickets for one performance of the Printemps des Arts Music Festival 2023-2024 season




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