The Academy aims to train professional dancers who will go on to join major international companies. To achieve this, we teach students to develop the essential qualities needed to perform in this industry, namely discipline, respect of the profession, empowerment of the choreographic artist, openness to the world of the arts and creating passion.




Studies take place over five years for students aged between 14 and 18 years. The classes are as follows:

  • Classical dance lessons (classical, pas de deux, variations, pointes technic, boys technic)
  • Contemporary dance lessons (choreography workshops, contemporary repertoire).
  • Character dance workshops (Russian, Flamenco)
  • Composition lessons (to a set of music, the student suggests dance steps resulting from personal research)
  • Pilates lessons and physical training
  • Music lessons
  • Corps de Ballet lessons
  • History of dance
  • History of art
  • Several performances per year


The students receive 2 end-of-term assessment reports wich state their level in each discipline. At the end of the year, they sit an exam in front of a jury comprised of the academy's Director and the teaching staff,  the directors of professional dance companies and professional guest dancers. A certificate attesting to the student's level is presented each year along with a completion diploma.

The stage

The stage is an integral part of a dancer’s training.
The Academy performs on different stages of the Principality : Opera Garnier, Grimaldi Forum and Auditorium Rainier III.  The Academy also provides the option of taking part in the events scheduled by the Ballet de Monte-Carlo and the Spring Arts Festival.

At the end of the season, the end of year gala is a highlight and unique stage experience for all the Academy’s students. In the prestigious Salle Garnier at the Monte-Carlo Opera, the very place where the Ballets Russes revolutionized the choreographic art, students perform internationally famous dance pieces and take part in a professional show.



General education

The excellent academic results obtained by students are a source of pride for the Academy, which has established a sophisticated education system. This enables each student to remain registered at their previous educationa establishment and thus obtain the qualifications awarded by their country of origin.


The success of our academic education relies on the quality of the educational and personalised support from which the students benefit. Qualified teachers perform this task, constantly adapting to the needs of each student who automatically has a teacher who speaks his native tongue.

Piano accompanists


Training course for 1 pianist (beginner)
Advanced course for 1 pianist (with experience)

This training, given by Mr Massimiliano Greco, enables professional and graduate pianists to specialise as a piano accompanist for dance classes.


  • the relationship between music and dance
  • musical analysis of a ballet class and knowledge of ballet technique steps
  • playing piano in ballet class - improvising at piano
  • technique of "feeling the keyboard" while looking at the dancer
  • choice of harmony and melody playing for ballet class
  • choice and use of classical music repertoire in ballet class
  • improvising on famous tunes from classical music repertoire
  • analysis and improvisation of musical styles used in the ballet class
  • analysis of ballet music repertoire and its use during ballet classes

Pianists will have the possibility to observe ballet classes every day and also to play during them, according with their skill.
Every class will be analysed during theory classes.

Training course: one month
Advanced course: on week
The duration could be adapted and organized on the personal skill and of each pianist.

Training course: 1000€ / month
Advanced course: 300€ / week

Candidates have to send their CV and photo by email: