Anna Blackwell & Alvaro Prieto ©Alice Blangero
Mimoza Koike & Alvaro Prieto ©Alice Blangero
©Alice Blangero
Anna Blackwell & Alvaro Prieto ©Alice Blangero
Mimoza Koike & Alvaro Prieto ©Alice Blangero
©Alice Blangero

Tales absurd, fatalistic visions predominate


"In my ballet, I look inside the mind of a person who chooses to see all the events happening in his personal life and journeys on the dark side.
His unconscious decision brings him into situations where his fears block him in making the choices that could free him towards the light.
The fatalistic visions strongly predominate all of his activities, so the abilities to see every day in a positive way are strongly pushed out of his life.
The moment he is given the knowledge and starts to be aware of this, will he have enough strength to face up to his actions and break away from his own self destructive pattern ?
Sometimes, the choices also turn into routines. We all struggle with those one way or another.
The idea that life could be a state of survival instead of a journey with all its colors not only black, is as absurd to me as all of those tales of that unconsciously created negativity.
Again, it twill return back to the ideology I strongly believe in. Life is a gift and the journey towards our hearts is the most difficult one.
But if we reach that place some day, will we finally understand and smile into that light ?
Because if we don’t, wouldn’t it mean ending our lives or literally killing our own sleves into darkness?
What does the mind say ? And what does the heart say ? Is : « I want to be happy » not the fundament to all we strive for in our lives ? »
Natalia Horecna

Choreography: Natalia Horecna
Stage set, costume concepts:: Natalia Horecna
Stage set and designs: Christiane Devos
Costumes : Christiane Devos
Lighting: Marco Policastro
Musics: 3326 de Olafur Arnalds - Heroes de Aphex Twin - Feira de Asakusa de Hermeto Pascoal - QRV de Kronos Quartet & Tiger Lillies - Habanera de Frederic Devreese - Leaving Little America, Wyo Ma de Kronos Quartet - Recomposed by Max Richter de Max Richter et Daniel Hope - Swan Song de Andrej Seban et Stano Paluch - Jan’s notebook de Max Richter - Til enda de Olafur Arnalds - Little Afro-American de Andrej Seban et Stano Paluch



Premiere by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo on July 16th 2015, Salle Garnier Opéra de Monte-Carlo