The Polovtsian Dances - Prince Igor

When Borodine's opera "Prince Igor" was first performed at the Maryinski Theatre in Saint Petersburg on 4th November 1890, the choreography of this splendid and spirited entertainment was created by Lev Ivanov. But Michel Fokine's production thrust this first version into limbo, so great was the success enjoyed by the Polovtsian Dances in Paris. The fame of Diaghilev and his Ballets was then assured. A ballet where the dance exploits images and colours with such exuberance that one can consider it as one of the most successful and most exciting spectacles that Michel Fokine ever staged.

Choreography: Michel Fokine
Re-staged by: Isabelle Fokine Copyright The Estate Fokine Trust
Music: Alexandre Borodine
Costumes and scenography: Nicholas Roerich
Lighting: Dominique Drillot