Watch the video!
Bernice Coppieters & Gaëtan Morlotti ©MLB
Watch the video!
Bernice Coppieters & Gaëtan Morlotti ©MLB

Oeil pour Oeil

J-Ch. Maillot

A ballet thriller...
This ballet is set in a thriller-like context, creating a "dark fairytale" which integrates multimedia effects and is full of surprises and suspense.

"The new century is one of surveillance: everyone spies, everyone is spied upon. Everyone is an exhibitionist, everyone is observed. The omipresence of surveillance cameras, webcams, control centres and televisual artifice is the symptom of a dissolution of social links, of a generalisation of solitude. The gaze moves without cease, and its supremacy renders other forms of contact between humans difficult. The image is our modern idol, and its circulation is accompanied, and echoed, by that of money. One kills and sells oneself for images; fortunes are built on them even as lives are destroyed. It is in this mix - at once exciting and appalling - that the characters from Oeil pour oeil flourish. With costumes by Jérôme Kaplan and lighting by Dominique Drillot, the choreography rekindles the magical and playful spirit already evident in Bêtes noires. The thriller - with its specific codes, the attention that it draws to the interior rather than the exterior - is a privileged instrument of exploration of the dark edges of our civilisation, where conventions are shattered, where beings metamorphose, where the ambiguity of social and human relations shows itself in a cruel light, as in a dream: a dark fairytale." Jean-Marie Laclavetine

Choreography and direction: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Libretto: Jean-Marie Laclavetine
Music: Alfred Schnittke, Arvo Part, Keith Jarrett
Scenography and costumes: Jérôme Kaplan
Lighting: Dominique Drillot

Premiere held on April 14th 2001, Grimaldi Forum Monaco