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The Death and the Maiden


“ In my view, this piece is dance theatre rather then ballet.  It does not have a narrative, even though there is an underlying story.
Nobody knows much about death.
According to some theories, a person close to death experiences a unique flashback when within one second; his whole life is running in front of his eyes.
In our case we talk about a young girl (the Maiden) and her “one second flashback” stretches over 22 minutes.

While all memories of her loved ones are passing by, all aspects of the material world are leaving her as well. The Death is very strict. It can be nasty and cruel but at the same time it can be embracing and full of tenderness. Death has many different faces and shades and we never know when and where we will encounter it.

Maybe it is somehow connected to the piano, the king of the instruments. Piano music is at the center of the piece and at the same time, part of the furniture of the young girl’s room ”.

Petr Zuska





Choreography and lighting: Petr Zuska
Music: Franz Schubert, Leos Janacek
Scenography: Jan Dusek
Costumes: Petra Lebduskova
Duration: 25 min 

Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Premiere held on October 21st 2011, Salle Garnier Opéra de Monte-Carlo