Anna Blackwell ©AB
©Alice Blangero
©Alice Blangero
Anna Blackwell ©AB
©Alice Blangero
©Alice Blangero

But behind the bridge


Natalia Horecna once again turns her inquisitive eye on our society and its difficulty in envisaging our future. The choreographer enjoys examining conventional behaviour we acquire from our very early years for the purpose of putting us on the right track. But reality always prevails; she constantly refutes the way our world turns to find her main inspiration. Of course, it is a painful observation but disillusionment doesn’t mean despair because it is precisely the material used by Natalia Horecna to propose an art of movement that makes sense and does’nt sacrifice beauty.

Natalia Horecna’s reflections:
"Somewhere along I heard this sentences: “Know self - no problem”, “Know self - no suffering”, or even more elevating perhaps: “No self - no suffering”...
I sat long time over this in stillness, trying to understand...
All I may suggest with my new work would maybe only be few seemingly simple questions
“When are we going to stop pointing fingers at each other? and what can we, every one of us, do?, to contribute to the possibility of a better world?”
“How much space are we giving to our own consciousness to come to life? Do we really and essentially know ourselves?”
I am not and this is not accusation. I am not judging either. These are only questions. To provoke wars is very easy. It is far more difficult to maintain the peace.
In loving memory of Aylan Kurdi... And those on the search for happier, more fulfilling life".

Choreography: Natalia Horecna
Scenography, costumes: Christiane Achatzi
Lighting: Samuel Thery
Music: Purple Haze, Jimmy Hendrix par le Kronos Quartet (Kronos Quartet - Released). Við Vorum Smá, Ólafur Arnalds (Dyad 1909). 3 Olden Style Pieces, Henryk Gorecki (Symphony No.3, Op. 36). Art Is Either a Complaint or Do Something else, John Cage (John Cage Performs Cage). Violin Concerto in D Minor, Sibelius (Sibelius : Finlandia : Valse triste, Christian Ferras, Berliner Philharmoniker). John’s Book of Alleged Dances, Gnarly Buttons, John Adams (Kronos Quartet). Chansons for Percussion, Claude Vivier (Orion, Siddhartha & 5 Chansons for Percussion, par Christian Dierstein). Oblivion, Astor Piazzola (Cellotango, Works by Piazzolla, Arr. E. Runge And J. Ammon, Cello Project). V. Emily and Alice (Terry Riley : The Cusp of Magic, Kronos Quartet)....Og lengra, Ólafur Arnalds (Dyad 1909). One Earth, One People, One Love, Terry Riley (Sun Rings, Kronos Quartet).
Duration approx.: 50 min

Premiere held on April 27th 2017, Grimaldi Forum Monaco
Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo